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MEDIJOBS – A facilitator for your career journey

MediJobsGermany, is an information hub for healthcare professionals to get all essential details regarding healthcare recruitment's in Germany. MediJobsGermany will give you the necessary support, guidance and mentoring you need to establish a successful career in Germany for the students who meet the necessary criteria. Having a healthcare degree is not sufficient while planning to move to Germany. A candidate has to clear numerous hurdles in order to become a healthcare professional in the land of ideas.

MediJobs Germany will actively seek to assist the professional graduates of the relevant study programs to obtain a regular paid employment opportunity in the health sector in the Federal Republic of Germany. MEDIJOBSGERMANY offer you one‐on‐one expert guidance in a dedicated coaching session on how to present yourself and get hired in the healthcare sector in Germany meeting the norms of the future employers.

Graduates shall be explicitly told by Medijobs Germany

  • i. the conditions and requirements for securing a work permit in Germany
  • ii. the types of jobs that they can hope for, on a one-by-one basis
  • Medical License Assistance

    To get placed in a health care facility in Germany you need to have your degree recognized in Germany. The competent authority will verify whether or not the professional qualifications which you have acquired abroad are fully equivalent to the corresponding qualification issued in Germany

    This recognition is a complicated process including several steps that lead to the so‐called ‘Approbation’; a license to practice medicine in Germany. The process involves a lot of paperwork and involves several interactions with the local federal institutions representing the health sector. For degrees earned outside the European Union, the procedure is even longer. Our experts from MediJobs can assist you during this process if requested for meeting the norms of the future employers.

    Medijobs only guides the job seekers and as a student you should carefully choose under which paragraph of the German Residence Laws (Deutsche Aufenthaltsgesetze) you would like to apply for an entry permit to Germany. The application with all necessary documents should be submitted to the German Embassy around 3 months before the travel date.

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